Process of Sales – Tea Vendor and Me

In this closing month of March, when all companies in India, try hard to generate as much sales as possible to close the financial year well, It tickles me to share a stereo type observation of sales as a process.

As written in thousands of book on sales, it is believed that sales is an effective process of exchange of needs in terms of different scores as expressed by different authors.

With due apologies to them, I feel, they have not done justice to the real meaning of selling and is incomplete. Lets evaluate a typical situation to arrive at a logical conclusion:

Suppose you are travelling in a train and you buy a cup of tea from a vendor.

You are in need of tea and the tea vendor is in need of money. Since you could satisfy each other’s need, an exchange took place and the tea was exchanged for money.

So, selling could be defined as an exchange that satisfies the need of both parties involved in the exchange.

Let us say, you paid Rs.5/- for the cup of tea. But, is this all, that happens in sales?

Situation 1: If the tea-vendor would have asked you Rs.30/- for the same cup instead of Rs.5/-, Will you pay?

May be No. Why? Because you will feel the price of Rs.30/- is not fair in a train.

Ok. Now in the same situation if you offer Rs.3/- to the tea-vendor, Will he sell?

May be No. Why? Because the vendor now feels that Rs.3/- is not a fair price to him.

Conclusion 1: For a sale to take place, the exchange not only should satisfy the needs but also be fair to both the parties. (The dimension of fairness is important for sales to take place)

Situation 2: Suppose you need a cup of tea to take medicine along / caught with severe cough and throat irritation and you desperately need it. Will you buy tea at Rs.30/- ?

May be Yes. Why? Because you have a desperate need now.

Ok. In a similar situation, if the tea-vendor has to get down at the next station with still lot of tea in pot, Will he agree to sell?

May be Yes. Why? Because he has a deperate need to dispose and make what ever he can.

Conclusion 2: For a sale to take place, the exchange not only should satisfy the needs but also be fair to both the parties. (The dimension of fairness is important for sales to take place but changes with change in circumstances)

You would not like to pay Rs.30/- for a cup of tea in normal circumstances but you happily pay, Rs.100/- in a five-star coffee shop / Rs.50/- for the same cup if travelling in higher class in a train. WHY? (Environment variable)

I would also like to draw your attention to a term called ‘propinquity’ here that is explained as the art of making friends in Psychology.

Propinquity best works with frequency of interactions with the customer and in an environment that is pleasant for both the parties. It works effectively, when you frequently meet your customer in a pleasant environment so that he is happy to meet you.

Final Observation: Selling is a process that satisfies the needs of both parties and is fair to both under a given set of circumstances.

That is all for today. I will soon discuss on “calling on a customer” for better sales using, Creativity, propinquity, need, fairness and circumstances.

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Happy Selling !
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A provoking thought !

Counting on abilities of people leads to Expectations.
Expectations not met, leads to Frustration.
Frustration eventually leads to loss in sales.
Loss in sales leads u back to doubts on abilities.

So, where things have gone wrong, if the above is true?

NOTE: Good / bad / ugly replies are welcomed.

Mild to severe sarcasm is widely accepted in the discussion.

Please feel free to comment for a mutual learning interest.

The common silent mistake of a manager

My management observation and learning of more than 20 years encourages me to unravel the shortfall in the management techniques adopted by most of the managers.

It’s quite a normal situation in any organization that there is always a mix of people working in a manager’s team. Team members with their own skills and shortcomings make them high valued or less valued member in the managers opinion and subsequently in the company’s record.

There is at least one such member, a manager trusts more in crisis situation because he is honest / trustworthy / obedient / hardworking / a performer (henceforth termed as a good guy).

Most of the time we as managers tend to load the trustworthy guy with more responsibilities as we fear failure with other team members in meeting the deadline / difficult situations. The good guy takes up responsibilities as entrusted to him from time to time and his work load keeps on growing with lot of sudden assignments and expectations.  Subsequently, the expectations of the manager also grows significantly with the past achievements of this good guy.

At some point of time, when this good guy is unable to meet a critical expectation of the manager because of numerous reasons of not being able to cope up with the situation, the typical situation of “Human behaviour and emotion” comes into play.

TYPICAL OBSERVATION: A story of the good, bad and the ugly.

1. If an average guy falters in meeting the managers expectation, the negative feel generated is average too.

2. If a bad guy missed it in delivering, the manager is not that grieved as it was not much expected.

3. If a good guy is not able to produce predictive result, the manager feels bitter as he had very high expectations from him.

TYPICAL CONCLUSION: The bad guy remains bad and the good guy becomes ugly in the situation and in the mental frame of the manager. If it happens, a few occasion, the manager becomes severely negative and the good guy is severely frustrated and leaves over a period of time.

Who’s mistake is it? Are all guys, not taking a salary and getting equal benefits?

CONCLUSION: Though all managers tend to train and coach the bad guy to become good but then human expectations are never like that.

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Your comments are extremely valuable to my observation.

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Happy Women’s Day !

Huge posting on women’s day (mostly by males). If the same spirit could have been maintained round the year by men, it can correct the situation of women harassment to a large extent.

Once upon a time, I met you and started liking you. My likes kept on growing with each passing year to the extent that it could be termed safely as love. We fought at regular intervals for years together for petty reasons. Some important and some, not so important. May be, feeling important in your eyes and remaining in your thoughts always was the sole reason of the fight directly / indirectly. Years went by quickly and its 2015 women’s day again. I sincerely wish, if you could be here with me to celebrate this day with a little time spent with me to retrospect and re-live those days again. 

I still cherish your beautiful smile on my iPhone that captured lovely moments with you and is the best friend till date that still helps me to keep my memory refreshed.

Where are you ? If at all, you read this post of mine, its exclusively for you.
A Happy Women’s Day !

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A big man occupies more space

It was my first travel in a bus in the state of Odisha when an interesting observation struck me on the way.

I boarded an intercity bus from Cuttack at the first bus stop with most of the seats being vacant except for one. A man with a repulsive look appearing big n dangerous had occupied one of the two seat in the middle row sleeping comfortably spread on the two-seater. I sat on one of the seat in the middle row and the dramatic observation started. People kept on pouring in the bus at different stops and to my utter surprise, no one dared to disturb him to occupy a seat next to him but kept on adjusting themselves where ever they got space and the bus was full in no time.

More people came on board and now were standing but no one spotted the vacant seat or they deliberately did not push him through. May be he appeared like a goon with his look n body language and all were apprehensive of disturbing him.

The bus was jam-packed with lot of passengers travelling on toes when a group of 4 students got into the bus close to a college stop on the way. Those students stood close to the gate chit chatting about the day and its a normal characteristic of student group in any short course travel in a bus but then, one of the student felt the need to sit.  He peeped inside and spotted the seat at a glance. He pushed his way to the seat and patted the man’s back with a gesture asking the man to shift. The man woke up from his sleep and taking a quick glance of over crowded bus, apologised and shifted politely giving way to the student.

Oh! he was not a goon, rather a thorough gentleman lost in his dreams with just a difficult look. What a perception and the preconceived notion of all standing passengers about him including me who witnessed the whole thing happen.

That’s where I got an observation..”A big man occupy more space”

A big man could be a Minister, a rich man or a big criminal, irrespective of what profession they are into but they always occupy more space. Just to make it simple, a bicycle occupies less space than a car on the road and when a V.I.P travels on the road, the traffic is held to give him bigger space on the road.

The simple character of my story occupying more space in a bus was also perceived as a big man and was misunderstood as a goon. If a big man occupies more space so, why not occupy more space and you will become big.

Its like, you spend more and you are forced to earn more.

Observation leads to innovation and innovation leads to better sales.

Happy Observation and Sales.

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Plan with Patience and Implement with Impatience

Most of the time, we hear a manager say “Have patience, Result will come”

My experience prompts me today to talk about one integral aspect of business, that is sales planning.

We normally make a broad plan for a few hours with our team, the promotional strategies, team activities and then go all out to execute it patiently for a week / a month.

Try it the other way round and see the productivity shooting up with…”Plan with Patience and Implement with Impatience”

Logic: A few extra hours lost in planning is worth it as with careful evaluation of all aspects of planning will ensure an error free planning. Now if it is implemented blindly and impatiently also will have better results.

So dont do what every one does. Create your own observation and never be afraid of experimenting.

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Understanding Relationship and Sales is like you have fallen in love !

I am in love with a girl but she is not. What should I do ?

Its Valentine month and I really need someone to comfort me that I have not grown too old to lose the charm of a vital ingredient of life, called love.

Not getting a desired response from the one you have fallen for, takes you to a different level of marketing yourself.

Depending on your desperation, it could be …

1. Taking extra care of your appearance.

2. Planning for a surprise for her somehow / somewhere.

3. Taking help from your friends to plot an impressive situation / surprise.

4. Planning the propose days like a present / a compliment / being extra generous / creating helpful situations.

5. Over caring for her in all situations.

6. Being innovative in thinking, planning and executing.

7. Hiding your own weakness.

8. Planning parties, occasions to find more time with her.

9. Giving undivided attention to her in all situations.

The list is too long to type it here but I conclude a common observation in all such situation with different people as a universal truth. “DESPERATION DRIVES”

Now if you own a company / an employee, be it a product / service / customer relationship, think how can u market your product well if you understand human psychology of the fact that, desperation drives you to success.

After all a customer could be that girl / the boy we refer here.

For a clear explanation of the facts and figures, Please feel free to contact me.

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