Understanding Relationship and Sales is like you have fallen in love !

I am in love with a girl but she is not. What should I do ?

Its Valentine month and I really need someone to comfort me that I have not grown too old to lose the charm of a vital ingredient of life, called love.

Not getting a desired response from the one you have fallen for, takes you to a different level of marketing yourself.

Depending on your desperation, it could be …

1. Taking extra care of your appearance.

2. Planning for a surprise for her somehow / somewhere.

3. Taking help from your friends to plot an impressive situation / surprise.

4. Planning the propose days like a present / a compliment / being extra generous / creating helpful situations.

5. Over caring for her in all situations.

6. Being innovative in thinking, planning and executing.

7. Hiding your own weakness.

8. Planning parties, occasions to find more time with her.

9. Giving undivided attention to her in all situations.

The list is too long to type it here but I conclude a common observation in all such situation with different people as a universal truth. “DESPERATION DRIVES”

Now if you own a company / an employee, be it a product / service / customer relationship, think how can u market your product well if you understand human psychology of the fact that, desperation drives you to success.

After all a customer could be that girl / the boy we refer here.

For a clear explanation of the facts and figures, Please feel free to contact me.

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