The common silent mistake of a manager

My management observation and learning of more than 20 years encourages me to unravel the shortfall in the management techniques adopted by most of the managers.

It’s quite a normal situation in any organization that there is always a mix of people working in a manager’s team. Team members with their own skills and shortcomings make them high valued or less valued member in the managers opinion and subsequently in the company’s record.

There is at least one such member, a manager trusts more in crisis situation because he is honest / trustworthy / obedient / hardworking / a performer (henceforth termed as a good guy).

Most of the time we as managers tend to load the trustworthy guy with more responsibilities as we fear failure with other team members in meeting the deadline / difficult situations. The good guy takes up responsibilities as entrusted to him from time to time and his work load keeps on growing with lot of sudden assignments and expectations.  Subsequently, the expectations of the manager also grows significantly with the past achievements of this good guy.

At some point of time, when this good guy is unable to meet a critical expectation of the manager because of numerous reasons of not being able to cope up with the situation, the typical situation of “Human behaviour and emotion” comes into play.

TYPICAL OBSERVATION: A story of the good, bad and the ugly.

1. If an average guy falters in meeting the managers expectation, the negative feel generated is average too.

2. If a bad guy missed it in delivering, the manager is not that grieved as it was not much expected.

3. If a good guy is not able to produce predictive result, the manager feels bitter as he had very high expectations from him.

TYPICAL CONCLUSION: The bad guy remains bad and the good guy becomes ugly in the situation and in the mental frame of the manager. If it happens, a few occasion, the manager becomes severely negative and the good guy is severely frustrated and leaves over a period of time.

Who’s mistake is it? Are all guys, not taking a salary and getting equal benefits?

CONCLUSION: Though all managers tend to train and coach the bad guy to become good but then human expectations are never like that.

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