Happy Women’s Day !

Huge posting on women’s day (mostly by males). If the same spirit could have been maintained round the year by men, it can correct the situation of women harassment to a large extent.

Once upon a time, I met you and started liking you. My likes kept on growing with each passing year to the extent that it could be termed safely as love. We fought at regular intervals for years together for petty reasons. Some important and some, not so important. May be, feeling important in your eyes and remaining in your thoughts always was the sole reason of the fight directly / indirectly. Years went by quickly and its 2015 women’s day again. I sincerely wish, if you could be here with me to celebrate this day with a little time spent with me to retrospect and re-live those days again. 

I still cherish your beautiful smile on my iPhone that captured lovely moments with you and is the best friend till date that still helps me to keep my memory refreshed.

Where are you ? If at all, you read this post of mine, its exclusively for you.
A Happy Women’s Day !

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