A big man occupies more space

It was my first travel in a bus in the state of Odisha when an interesting observation struck me on the way.

I boarded an intercity bus from Cuttack at the first bus stop with most of the seats being vacant except for one. A man with a repulsive look appearing big n dangerous had occupied one of the two seat in the middle row sleeping comfortably spread on the two-seater. I sat on one of the seat in the middle row and the dramatic observation started. People kept on pouring in the bus at different stops and to my utter surprise, no one dared to disturb him to occupy a seat next to him but kept on adjusting themselves where ever they got space and the bus was full in no time.

More people came on board and now were standing but no one spotted the vacant seat or they deliberately did not push him through. May be he appeared like a goon with his look n body language and all were apprehensive of disturbing him.

The bus was jam-packed with lot of passengers travelling on toes when a group of 4 students got into the bus close to a college stop on the way. Those students stood close to the gate chit chatting about the day and its a normal characteristic of student group in any short course travel in a bus but then, one of the student felt the need to sit.  He peeped inside and spotted the seat at a glance. He pushed his way to the seat and patted the man’s back with a gesture asking the man to shift. The man woke up from his sleep and taking a quick glance of over crowded bus, apologised and shifted politely giving way to the student.

Oh! he was not a goon, rather a thorough gentleman lost in his dreams with just a difficult look. What a perception and the preconceived notion of all standing passengers about him including me who witnessed the whole thing happen.

That’s where I got an observation..”A big man occupy more space”

A big man could be a Minister, a rich man or a big criminal, irrespective of what profession they are into but they always occupy more space. Just to make it simple, a bicycle occupies less space than a car on the road and when a V.I.P travels on the road, the traffic is held to give him bigger space on the road.

The simple character of my story occupying more space in a bus was also perceived as a big man and was misunderstood as a goon. If a big man occupies more space so, why not occupy more space and you will become big.

Its like, you spend more and you are forced to earn more.

Observation leads to innovation and innovation leads to better sales.

Happy Observation and Sales.

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