Selling is an art of human engineering

With my rich 20 years of sales and office administartion work profile, doing multitasking at different levels finally brings me here to share my experiences with all of you. Though as generally believed by people, it is an art that is to a large extent depends on certain inborn skills but, there is lot that we can learn and implement as we improve on our understanding of human behaviour, keeping in mind the fact, buyer and seller both are human beings only guided by impulses, enthusiasm and emotions.

Since the start of my career in 1994, I have been compiling my real life sales experiences from a grass root level to walking a way to the administrative position. All for the passion to see a fat book full of actual encounters and solutions being published after my retirement that can act as a ready reckoner to budding sales individual and even mentoring them at diffirent levels of team building and customer handling skills.

As rightly said, life is never smooth and you need to have a backup plan ready in place to deal with unknown situations and surprises that life is likely to throw up. I too like most of the people was casual of not keeping a backup of my writing as it was just a passion and never imagined that I can be a victim too. My laptop was stolen last year and the situation was well blessed by a parallel crashing of my desktop to see all my work stolen and lost. I then realized the blessing in disguise to start immediately my blog to share, guide and learn with the world with what ever I can recollect and make it public in pieces rather than a fat book.

I was just a casual writer and observer till yesterday on Facebook watching my observations on life being liked by people till my student Abhilekh came in pressing every now and then to write seriously and start my own blog. Thats how I am here.


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